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This belt of programming comes with a wide array of varieties for its teeming listeners. From Sports, to Newspaper Headline Reviews, News and Current Affairs discussion and analysis, Guest Interviews, Opinion Polls, Birthday Celebrations, amongst others.

The audience here cuts across all ages especially those conscious enough to know and understand happiness around their societies, hence adults and youths are regular listeners on this show.

The Interaction and feedback level is also very unique as audience gets involve at every step of the belt to air their opinions and also ask questions and contribute to the show.

LTM is served 7am – 10 am (Mondays to Friday)

Presenters on this show

Anikeola Salako & Adebisi Adewusi

Funmi Omoboriowo & Olabisi Omidire.

O-Connect welcomes you to the breath of fresh and more relaxed programming coming after the rather serious and elitist morning crush. This mid-day show offer a feel of urban presentation in music and teasers. Conversations here are aimed at those at work, young adults, undergraduates and the upwardly mobile.

O-connect eases you smoothly through your mid-day activities with daily routine tips, games, educational fillers, banters, facts and fun teasers laced with an Urban music that the audience at this time would normally appreciate.

Catch the serenity that comes with O-connect at 11AM – 2PM weekdays.

Presenter on this show is Olabisi Omidire(Double ‘O’)

Welcome to the EKO89.7FM Unique Pidgin Belt. This belt strategically offers contents for all lagocians, regardless of class or social status. The Corporate and ‘Street’ audience are uniquely concocted right here.

The programme offers humour, comedy, entertainments, news and games in a unique pidgin delivery, just the way the average lagosians relates. The music philosophy here is largely Naija, with both old and new skool put into consideration. Audience here are largely artisans and the working class.

Launch Hour has never been better without a dose of Joli-Joli Avenue at 2- 4PM weekdays only.

Presenters on this show include

MC ICE (Monday & Thursdays)

Shmmy Tee (Tuesdays)

MC 90s (Wednesdays & Fridays)

Here the tempo of Joli-Joli Avenue is sustained but with strictly Urban Hip-Hop and trendy upbeat music philosophy. Celebrities are interviewed, entertainments gists are served , traffic updates are also churned out as the name implies,Just Cruzins is channelled at helping the average Lagosian ease through the traffic hurdles on the roads on their way home from work.

The show is a very interactive one that brings millennial, adult and the young at heart under one frequency. Countdowns, Request trendy fresh and upbeats musicals are the priority here.

Presenters on this show include

Debisi Konga (Monday & Fridays)

Timi & Gbenga (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Debisi Konga & Roland.