Corporate Service

Ekofm offers the public opportunity to showcase their events and occasions in nothing but a well structured tranquil environment. We provide a fully equipped and secure facility with spacious parking space ideal for a variety of events. From Marquee rentals, equipment leasing to venue decorations, we have you covered. MARQUEE MULTI-PURPOSE HALL UPPER SUIT ARENA

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Program Production

Ekofm provides series of programs to keep citizens of Lagos State alive, varieties of programmes has been schedule right from bed time to dawn. If you do listen to our programmes don't just touch the dial, if not I must say you are sitting on a long thing. Our Programmes include. LAGOS THIS MORNING SHOW O' CONNECT JOLI JOLI AVENUE JUST KRUIZIN NIGHT SHIFT

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Commercial Services

If you are a business owner that wants your product to be known to the public, even world wide round the globe, Ekofm is just the best landing page for you. For you marketing and advertisement. contact the Marketing Manager... Our Rate Card is appealing to the eye.

Current Affairs

In the quest for Ekofm to be the first platform to inform and educated, we have set up programmes that will add values to both young on current issues happening in our society. Some of this programs are: WINDOW ON THE WORLD TALKLINE NEWSTALK


Ekofm Media outfit provides Outside Broadcast Services for the following, Religious events like Crusades and Jumaat service, Symposium, School activities, Sales promo etc. The particular event will be Broadcast Live on Ekofm frequency which is 89.7Fm.

Production Services

Ekofm provides services without interruption on production of Radio Drama, Production of magazines features and documentary, Production of Music, ...